Those of you who have Smith’s original publication Horwich Locomotive Works (long out of print) will see this publication as a Part 2 of the ‘Works’ story - which it very much is as it follows the same format as the original with of lots of captioned photos.

To quote from the Foreword: ‘The purpose of the book is to update and augment the previous work by providing a glossary of photographs, many of which have not previously been seen, and to comment on the changes which have taken place on the site of the Locomotive Works since its closure’.

Whilst the beginning of the book addresses, briefly, the early part of the works story, it is more of a ‘filling the gaps’, with a substantial number of official locomotive side views, the book soon travels out into Horwich itself with photographs of the L&YR buildings dotted around the town.

Reference is then made to the works’ contribution to the Second World War tank production, then moves onto the continuing work carried out after the manufacture of locomotives ceased. Perhaps the saddest sight are the photographs of the repurposing of and then demolition of the works, with a selection of photos of the new houses being built on the site.

However, not to be too maudlin about such things, as a record of the Works’ place within the history of the town it does the job. For those with an interest in industrial history and archaeology aside from the railway interest, this book is highly recommended.

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