By Robin Pennie

There are several pre-eminent Victorian engineers whose achievments are less well known than they should be and the subject of Robin's book is one of them. 

In his 'day job' Ramsbottom became the first true Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London & North Western Railway and developed Crewe Works as a totally self sufficient manufacturing entity, even to the extent of making its own steel. After a period in consultancy he became an advisor and later a Director of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway and was the guiding mind responsible for the planning and building of Horwich Works.

Away from the day job he was a prolific inventor of such things as the water trough and the modern piston ring which is still used in petrol and diesel engines. He also invented the safety valve that carried his name.

He was a founding member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and an Honorary Master of Engineering at The University of Dublin.

This is an inspiring book about the life of an inspiring man.

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